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Nov 24, 2013 5:30am PST
. >>> sin embargo son miles las denuncias que quedaron sin investigarse y cps consideró que algunos casos son considerados criminales . >>> ahora lo que dice cps es que nos vamos a quedar, no será como opción si no sabemos cómo lo están tratando, nosotros no estamos viendo ahí lo que está psaando . >>> (habla en inglés) . >>> jax dice que el sistema de protección al menor está ocmpletamente saturado y no está protegiendo a los niños . ° . >>> los turistas tienen un nuevo incentivo para visitar colombia, cirugías de calidad y a precios accequiblkes, con goles empezó el fútbol mexicano y también jhubo goles con vela, regresamos con esto y más . ♪. >>> este domingo en al punto está viva o muerta la reforma migratoria, no está muerta, pero no estará exactamente como la queremos nosotros, acusan a república dominicana de discriminar miles de haitianos . >>> si los padres no estaban documentados, no es dominicano . >>> si tuu dices en el caso de capriles él es el presidente electo y no sale a buscarlo, se equivocó ahí . >>> yo hubiese tomado al situación distinta . >
Al Jazeera America
Nov 22, 2013 10:00pm EST
. >> and according to cps's most recent semi annual report the average number of hot line reports that were generated every month is 3694 which is a shocking average of 123 every single day. christy, do we know if there's a policy as debbie brings up in place that allowed this to happen, despite the fact that as debbie mentioned law calls for every single case that goes to that hot line to be investigated? >> right. well as we know five children die every day because of abuse. and one in four girls are sexually abused. so knowing that, having 6,000 cases that have -- were not investigated, is completely unacceptable. chief mckay who works with the office of child welfare investigations have worked closely with child health for many years and it sounds like the one -- he was the one that uncovered that. i don't know how it happened, oversight or something else. i do know that since the national financial crisis we noticed a big change in child abuse reports. many, many family support reports were cut so many families didn't have access to resources. we also had significant funding cuts, which meant fe
Nov 13, 2013 9:00am EST
and that is not cool >> cps has cole >> are yn drugs >> he doesore drugs than i do >> it doesn't matter it's not about him it's about you. it's about you. >> you know... about me. get out of my life. >> i'm not in your life. >> leave him alone >> he is the one coming aer me >> i'm sure >> and he is saying when he wants to be with you and last week he told me how much h loved me. he is a big sack of lying... >> if i am the father of cole which she is telling me i am, i want custody of him and i talked with tiffany and tiffany is a od mom she has been there with the girls her life. >> kirk: you want to raise cole? >> i will raise him >> and it's my stupidity that got the best of me which this is the problem now. she is the one who came between me and tiffany. she hady heart from day one >> kirk: are you still trying to come between them >> no. >> everytime me and her break up... it sucks being alone >> kirk: you slept with nirvana >> from the waist below that is all she has. from the heart up she has my heart. >> that is all you everywhere >> that is all she wanted >> do you tnk his heart was involved?
Nov 7, 2013 3:00am PST
but it will be to loop it around the cps route that's a guess we're still working on that >> that would be a good one for 0 diagram before the final approval. >> okay. >> next question. so i know you mensdz this about the class 2 bike lane is that on harry many way or not >> the bike lane on harry many lane is there. there's an error on page 61 to how it's labeled. we believe in the dining room it linked it to the wrong key map but we'll make that change >> 61 that's; correct excellent arrest and then my last is in these this on the gray area its unclear whether the infrastructure is going to be happening. >> your wondering will the residential part and todd is here. i'm going to speak for him and hope heel stop unnecessary me if i say something wrong. since the approval was done we've allowed for toilet flushing with gray water in the application and a excellent >> lastly and a okay. great. alaska question. i don't know this might be animate mat issue but i noticed that car share although it's important to the city and the requirements for parking spaces in buildings and on the street so i wi
Nov 19, 2013 10:00am PST
far the cps been a week ththe reactors themselves but in the future of chile in the foreseeable future at the cp has to be going with the. ok so different story it's not technically that makes my pcp now but. social scientifically they're not quite see because the. dose not have but trust in this space just a matter of making this trust. very weak and what they can go at this new clip but until then nobody can make sure that there's any hope in the foreseeable future is first nucleus concert. but to pass the perfect one country that gives your skin the eighth of an earthquake or tsunami out what will be the consequence of mine. in the republic we must wear and to pay in japan what others think. the bill be the real disaster became ill probably final blow because one more earthquake or a place in the needs and they can lead the rest of the plant's cooling on the thai each one. actually unique one. three for eight to shut down but what more could be really ruining the other will remain the key which plant used to it there's six more fun. so this going to be a real disaster which he beca
Nov 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
his sister and mother went on cp 24 speaking to reporter steven ledrux. >> he's not an addict. i'm a former addict if you would want to say, and as an alcoholic, if you want to consider binge drinking once every three months and you get totally plastered, which he just makes himself -- a fool out on himself and i've even asked him to leave one time. fine. >> it's not acceptable behavior. he's the mayor of the city. he knows that better than anybody. >> you say he's not going to resign. >> no, no, no. >> he's going to toughen out -- >> yeah, he did what he did. he made a mistake. he's admitted to the mistake. not a nice one, but he's done it but he has -- he's been to work every single day. he has not -- i mean, people want to say that oh my goodness, you know, he's ignoring counsel or ignoring his job at city hall. he isn't. >> diane kathy talking to cp 24 steven ledrew. robin doolittle has been writing about this. it was shot at a supporter of mayor ford's house, right. >> yeah, the video is over a minute long. it seems to have been shot in the summer because there is a referenc
Nov 3, 2013 7:00am PST
in ending extremists finance. thinking for the school. furious with the us pakistani politician cp stock sleeping on the brink of guessing underweight when the taliban's leader was counts. the team as religious clerics i was away from flying out to meet the ttp the government wants some does not see this going bad as that day on and on an individual. but as in debt on the peace corps is bleeding money. the last seven meetings. we started kali lot of girls this is truly beginning to these two miles long. and when you're done. you less or did he allow the country's foreign ministry said at some of the us ambassador in protest of pakistan routinely kind dentist run strikes during white house talks last week prime minister now as sirens as president obama speaks an end to them. however the washington times reported they contain cit a document suggesting pakistan had secretly endorsed the program for years. greg kinnear the receiving classified briefings on strikes and casualty candidates. experts have long suspected pakistan of giving implicit consent for strikes in the pool under orders to
Nov 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
of transport says nineteen effective devices already been discovered here. cp the minister for the marine said that he's launching an investigation into laughter ot on theoastisherman are furious with the very angry section because the thinking goes to brazil and others walking. and said to be told although that didn't fall too now ross courtney's life could depend on this device the purpose. if the boat capsized it suppose to send out a signal indicatingcking he if it's one of the six possible faulty models made by an australian company gmac with no available to the maybe is is the amount that is in question does the and in the form of the thirteen thousand one hundred key parts of boats hdrednd eight by gmsev the beach in steep curve and dumber east is ok. he will have to change it so far neteeof the gmb the herbs have been reported as faulty there could be more minority understands at least one potential for teammate was known within the department of transport. more than two years ago. now with submerged beekeeper found after the bowser brothers tragedy off more this summer was one of the
Nov 24, 2013 11:30pm PST
moving away from here in recent years the mine will get an of the future. he does for me. i went to cp to grow. and for people to have more work so they can earn money. that would also reduce crime history and the filling doesn't do any damage the project should have a chance. these two. but most of the mine workers would come from abroad. a dominant and her husband have campaigned against the mine since the trial commenced again one of their fears is an influx of foreigners. this is the opium that the comma about one thousand young workers will come to our town competition for the local men. were i think we'll get a lot of any real diseases and give legitimate children from unknown father. he knocks on the second half the people here would be strangers see blue man. when there's also the fear of radiation from the uranium the months have already resulted in the nahr so if the mind is open what's the point or more nowhere in the world series uranium mine so close to a settlement is a mean it there's plenty of potential for mining and nine. why should we start with the worst most danger
Nov 6, 2013 11:30am PST
if they feel another vendor might be better suitable. cps have been supporting its members to be a critical mass pushing providers to remove these barriers. we supply our members with with questions that they can ask health plan partners and model terms with their contract with the health plan. we facilitate meetings for them to discuss transparency. cpr outlined and set specification and how we think prices should be. one of the tools you can find offered by health plans or independent vendors is they don't do a great job of helping consumers. there might be quality information and price information, but it would take complicated out rhyme to see what the best choice is. the various stakeholders in the industry that are prevy could work together. it's unlikely that it will lead to transparency. they may be a need for government to step in. the city and county of san francisco could facilitate price transparency in a variety of ways. the city and county could require that health plan maintain robust and quality tools. second it could ask its health plan partners to work toward elim
Nov 4, 2013 11:30am PST
hours plus, you know, working with individuals. having that forensic cps in a person's life is monumental because, you know, it's trust building. and also, as tom had mentioned, that lived experience of incarceration, you know, person knowing that, "ok, i've been behind these walls, and here i am outside these walls now, and i'm working. this is the kind of blueprint that i utilized, you know, for my recovery process also." not to say that everybody's blueprint is gonna work, but you know, it's one of the things that's educating people and giving them a time, you know, for them to reflect on how they want to reenter back into society. and, michael, were you in that system before, and now you're out, and you're working with that community? yes, i'm formerly incarcerated, a returning citizen. and i also spent time in a halfway house, you know, which i think halfway houses are monumental, as opposed to just being thrust back into society, you still need that structured environment, you know, to regain your own empowered self and identify what's goin' on in your life and how you
Nov 16, 2013 7:00pm EST
was, the pc, the -- enemy on the communists, of the cp. so they were very good at hardware, but nothing of software, so theirs a huge contrast because of the two countries -- the gap is clothing -- closing but it seems to me we have had a physical run for the money on the services. one other thing which we haven't explored very much, which i think we can do with the obama administration, is things like transactions in medical services, where we can actually earn a lot of money and actually bring even universities and others on board here. there's a lot of work going on for this, but there's no response from either party, i should say. but i think this is something where the guys going to benefit most like indians who should be pushing for services trade, not just for -- that's already going on. but we need to expand it on a massive scale to where we have competitive advantage and the kinds of services that the americans -- still not responding. >> a couple more. >> a microphone coming there, byron. >> byron wean, black sun group. china has been growing primarily because it'
Nov 6, 2013 6:30am PST
negotiators cp the thing itself is a former forei minister syed lap. that is going to be an interesting state because his credits of course at this point i admit it was peaceful. having said that in the meantime the men's coats and other issues to deal with on these sites primarily he's going to consume that the question about with at his ultra nationalists is my old bag tiny potty should remain in the blinds that we eat fattening and his likud party hit the creeks that even aging but apparently he feels that the meds as of late in his study scientists think it might be pulling his potty outside and get lots of interesting things keep an eye on in the weeks to hit given to set thanks to the living man not that that was on internationally as a tent. i don't think it fitting on seventies nine egypt's muslim brotherhood has lost an appeal against a court decision to ban the group and sees its bombs of course in september and the brotherhood egypt's oldest and most influential business group often seen as president on the top seed was ousted by the omni falling mass protests against his rule. on
Nov 25, 2013 6:30am PST
times in geneva on sunday the six month agreements will cut iran cp activities in return. a much needed sanctions really well crowds gathered at the airport carrying signs and waving flags to greet the negotiating team on merit and many seem idealistic huge triumph full gear on. thomas wood harris reports the pale as a hero to foreign ministers of the zen leaf was greeted by thousands the iranians are not about airports and ten on. in nineteen thirty two says that presidents and prime celebrates the name coming up in the case the eighteen team fresh from striking an historic deal in geneva. they understand me so much it's just like coming to philly to suit your skin look for the country and the people it's like they've gone to war and the meantime. because they want to prove to the world were not warmongers like saying that the state ordinary iranians news of the breakthrough was not send me an immense joy. simple really. there is no proof that might seem a miserable point crippling western sanctions might snow wind proof. most sanctions against iran with its unique on me once or if it
Nov 25, 2013 10:30am PST
seven life far more scary walking on it. rashi says that reaching a compromise and around cp upright and should eliminate any reason for the us to construct an anti self defense system in eastern europe the american led khan has been on longstanding bag of contention between washington and moscow which leaves the shield as a threat to its national security. while the us has maintained that the bees needed to protect europe from a site called frank states like iran can plant the accounts that this dispute to be finally resolved that the deal to bring surrounds atomic write them under control. playboy catch reports. deal hudson you did to my friend holly the crucial make or break every kid talks continued into the dirty details of how they were caring for a meeting janice campbell town in geneva great strides. leek said. leek said. while diplomats from six months now is going on in this family consented to an historic breakthrough. then off to sixteen dollars two weeks he's talked to them the deal had been done. it's the perfect negotiating powers agreed to recognize iran's right to pe
Nov 13, 2013 10:00am PST
of a house on the russia of cp and of nights in the most korean port city of beit variables although it's only america fifty four comical long action must be an awesome product is not simply a fifty four commit to long off and they told her also weeping close to the development of a match in port. as well as of the establishment of very complex logistics interested in this division system are wrong not to polls. and that i think is the other is very islam accepted and it's been full korean of full full full pot of korea. it is simply a a i know i will go on to dwindle. cool to be rationed continent. seoul on the deck project is so i went to james argue that it's the gist of what this is some accomplices well earlier this week of putin seemed to link unification and the six party talks. oh we mainly have to talk about the six party talks in terms of denuclearization. is there anything significant that we can meet its recruitment statement what you actually frankly speaking i personally am not surprised the other of the declaration itself the state the statement itself is not surprising t
Nov 13, 2013 5:30pm PST
that the cps been when it is critical. for the rest of the ball than i think that is creating a deflationary impact on the global economy in the fall. i think the criticism that comes from the united states also for the appeal commission is different if he wanted. how to get more people to spend more money what question i think is the most important thing is to get jones it into more investments libby of self in the john economy since quite a few years the investment is extremely weak. right now is the investments is is almost as sweet as it was me it was awesome the line so i think the important thing for the new government is due to spring for investment and give incentives for companies in this mall i think most of the dome government has no vacation in this mall because right now. make investments all the dumb government may get to the exposed i'm the possibilities for more spending and foreign using comic con so pissed and fall rebalancing to kill the economy. someone into giving incentives could actually under germany's labor reforms of the pasta cake. i think. the neighbors homes. bil
Nov 15, 2013 5:30am PST
by cp time for my essential that the sense there is theawful act the fool the government to do. so we have made our way back to provo but finally we were here a week ago during the storm in the immediate aftermath of the storm and the situation now and then two different stories. you can see right behind me. the ruins. empty houses and the streets. and this was not the case when we were here. there was a lot of chaos. there were people running around people wander around not knowing what they will never get a job. just noticed this. she was typhoon that has swept them away and a lot of dead people on the ground. and people just devastated by the typhoon and now they're all gone there at the airport there waiting for for a flight who were so slight a military flight anything just to be able to get out of here there at the ports the government has promised to carry people out of the floor but because people here are just so desperate. there were say a few days ago that they have not gotten any help that there's been no relief and aid has been coming to this city the city of course is th
Nov 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
. that strongly influenced his work cp camel were nine singer songwriter. his first found them started in the mid nineteen sixties them but geez top ten hit on both sides of the atlantic. name a very bad launched a solo career is the best selling album artist and concert performer. gerry healy belfast go off on a pumpkin manager of the undertones grew up with mars him. as an adult terms of looks like amy and i may not act like a rockstar a man of the big box type. they certainly an end and i still rock star which helps us to be very private it is near korea bound mars and have that many other famous artists including the chieftains and the nineteen ninety five he performed for us president in canton in belfast as the peace process was entering its crucial. he is going on the day the league irish chance to read write poem really you know. on allison is in fact kerry's sides with the first to say so. there's no one uses why he reminded the fountains alicante. she was very top of mind than as part of the sixth of march this plane to mexico city on the waterfront hall for free although some comprehen
Nov 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
what really happened that day in sdal last. did oswald act alone or part of larger cps. >> what was true motive. deep experience author in the case has new book and l dan noyes is in the newsroom tonight with an exclusive interview on this. >> it was about 400 people there in the plaza that day watching the president motorcade taking pictures and we still don't really know what happened. but this author tells me he has answered one very important question. about situation. this author new book last second in dallas comes to a startling conclusion about lee harvey oswald. >> i emphatically deny these charges. >>reporter: he was arrested for shooting the president from the sixth floor of the texas school buck depository in dallas. >> whatever lee harvey oswald did or did not do on that day 50 years ago he did not kill john kennedy. >> before you dismiss thompson as another conspiracy theory. consider his background. the precursor to the navy seals. grad ateed from yale. taught college. long career as private investigators. most famous case oklahoma city bomber mcveigh. b
Nov 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
. and twitter cofunder will be on cps sunday morning. he's asked if twitter has changed the way we communicate. >> not necessarily because people are pointing to longer form, pointing to news articles and images, so the 140 characters is a nice caption. >> he talks about his future plans for the company and you can see the whole interview tomorrow beginning at 6 a.m. right here on kpix 5. >>> a bay area organic food manufacturer is recalling some of its product. plum organics says it is voluntarily recalling baby stage 2 tots mish-mash and kids line because of a manufacturing defect. they say the problem is causing some of the pouchs to swell and the product inside to spoil. the recalled products have sell by dates between august 5th, 2014, and december 8th, 2014. >>> hundreds of people in a good -- got in a good workout this morning while helping the fight against a.i.d.s. and hiv. they had their like and bike in santa clara. you could walk a four mile course or go on a 33 mile bike ride to raise money. it provides nonmedical aid, and the bike course was a nod to the work to help stop the spr
Nov 21, 2013 11:30pm PST
in sdal last. did oswald act alone or part of larger cps. >> what was true motive. deep experience author in the case has new book and l dan noyes is in the newsroom tonight with an exclusive interview on this. >> it was about 400 people there in the plaza that day watching the president motorcade taking pictures and we still don't really know what happened. but this author tells me he has answered one very important question. about situation. this author new book last second in dallas comes to a startling conclusion about lee harvey oswald. >> i emphatically deny these charges. >>reporter: he was arrested for shooting the president from the sixth floor of the texas school buck depository in dallas. >> whatever lee harvey oswald did or did not do on that day 50 years ago he did not kill john kennedy. >> before you dismiss thompson as another conspiracy theory. consider his background. the precursor to the navy seals. grad ateed from yale. taught college. long career as private investigators. most famous case oklahoma city bomber mcveigh. but most important to this story like maga
Nov 25, 2013 8:00pm PST
he felt a student victimized by alleged hate crimes. at a news conference with the end a a cp, university president mohammad announced that an independent expert would not be called in to investigate how the racially millbrae motivated abuse could have gone unchecked for weeks. he also said, he takes personal responsibility for what happened, blaming himself for not interviewing sooner to stop the alleged abuse of a black student by his what i roommates. white roomates "all of our students." >> pam: meanwhile today, hundreds of students placed that tape across their mouths in protest. to illustrate their view that actions speak louder louder than words in this case. those students and the inn at 88 c p one p santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen to upgrade the charges against the four suspended students from mr. meters to felony charges. the four white students are accused of tormenting their black roommate by displaying a computer at plaque in their dorm room. using racial slurs. locking him in a closet and fastening a bicycle lock or round his neck. actions that re
Nov 11, 2013 12:30pm PST
, cps, dependency drug court, and treatment providers. we generate a twice-monthly report, which consists of treatment attendants, testing results, number of contacts that clients are required to meet with their recovery specialist, and how many support group meetings they've attended that they were required to attend. those first few years were critical. so, we really watched everything, and it was important that we shared our information and that we were all upfront with what we were doing. everyone was involved with building our policies and procedures. an additional component to the dependency drug court program in sacramento county is the use of two different curriculums regarding trauma-informed treatment. over eight of sacramento county's contracted treatment providers use either beyond trauma and/or seeking safety therapy for trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder and substance abuse. one treatment provider says that 99 percent of the women who come into treatment have lived through some type of severe trauma, often domestic violence or sexual abuse. the women learn the
Nov 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
the chips are down. what are you talking about? i'm tough when the chips amarie, cps. i'm talkin th i'm tough. tough to resist. yeah, you're tough. ha ha ha. yeah, what of it? all right. let's go. what? co o big st, arm wrestle. frank, take your elbow off the table. relax. you can have winners. come on. m wa. i'm not arm wrestling you, okay, you maniac i don't have anything to prove. well, then that proves something, doesn't it? don't listen to him. don't listen to him. you're a sweet boy and that's what you do. i'm not swt! don't get upset. what i meant to y is that you're sweet, but you're also manly. you're a strapping, virile man. said his mommy. i'm not only his mommy, frank i'm also a woman. oh, god. you always do things like that. i remember you getting in fights all the time. getting picked on, you mean. a wedgie is not a fight. do you remember that boy who was bothering you and you walloped him? oh, yeah, that's right, robert's friend albert gomez. how old was this bruiser, 10? for your information, dad, i was 10, okay? he was 12...and 1/2. ooh. he called me "big nose barone"
Nov 1, 2013 2:00am PDT
and 15 in a game. the six steals that puts cp 3 in a plas by place by himself. >>> kobe bryant will wake up this morning and see a deposit in his bank account for $24 million! he may be injured but he still gets paid. his contract calls for a balloon payment of 80% of his salary up front. the remaining 6 million of his $30 million deal will be paid out over the course of the season but how about that for guaranteed money? not even playing and you get $2 million. >> where is the motivation? although he doesn't need it. this man is unequal to the game but there is no motivation there. >> i'm thinking who is his agent? i got to get that number! that's good! >> joe carter, always a delight. thanks so much for that. >> thanks, guys. >>> coming up the nsa is accused of spying on u.s. citizens and world leaders and now the vatican? a shocking report next. ♪ [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda™ when you don't have the time, there's
Al Jazeera America
Nov 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
treat, dodgers open dodger stadium up to about 100 service men and women from the army cp, navy, ae air force, marines and national guard. .roy gleason received the purple heart. more later. >> thank you michael. nashville is synonymous with american music, right? an old fashioned printing shop that gave life to are musical acts is enjoying a bit of a why renaissance. >> you are walk into the oldest letter-print shops in the country. >> hatch is an iconic place that has been around for 130 years. >> i know that we saw led zeppelin earlier in 1971 playing the municipal auditorium. >> hatch is a living breathing functioning museum of letter presses, still turning out why posters. >> the layman's dechtion of letter press is letters are pressed into paper with ink. >> this kind of genuine tfnl arr technology is retro. >> we are proud when the new band comes in and asks us to help define their presentation into the public. >> and with their unique style, that's not always perfect, these hatch-show prints mark a right of passage. >> it could be mumford and sons. guys traveling everywhere, ha
Nov 17, 2013 6:30pm EST
explaining his views on the cp and i other issues related to inflation. so, yes, reagan was the populist, the man of action, he was the politician, but he was also extremely well-informed can he knew what he believed, and he knew why he believed it. and that is just an extremely important and indispensable thing. after reagan leftovers, one factor in the re-evaluation of him and his presidency that took place was the publication of reagan's letters and radio scripts and speeches that he had written over a period of decades, and i would argue that these years of writing were perhaps, perhaps as important as his time as an actyear to his plate -- actor to his political success because there's no substitute for writing as a means to spur thought and a means of honing your powers of expression. for better or worse -- i think mostly worse -- mike huckabee was the bust communicator in the field of republican presidential candidates a year ago. not just because he spent so much time preaching at the pulpit but because he had written his own sermons. barack obama, his powers of persuasion are re
FOX News
Nov 18, 2013 1:00am PST
a look at katie simpson, a reporter from cp-24 on how she handles the rear explicit sexual language we're bleeping out here uttered by mayor ford. >> oh, and the last thing was olivia, it says that i wanted to eat a [ bleep ] and i've never said that in my life to her. i would never do that. i'm happily married. i've got more than enough to eat at home, thank you very much. >> i know we're live right now, but i don't know if we can -- i -- mayor ford is speaking as mayor ford does, very plainly as he said in council yesterday, he asked us and now using language that i don't think we can broadcast that on tv, but we just broadcast that on tv. >> what else are you going to say? i mean, i did hundreds and hundreds of live shots. never in my career have i had anything happen like that. and i don't think i would be as composed as she was. >> i wouldn't say i commend her composure. and thanks, mayor ford. everyone in the united states gets to know who this reporter is. >> did you feel for her? >> well, usually what happens in that case is you recap what was said. you'll say, so as you just s
Nov 25, 2013 2:00am PST
a two pc. cp. you prove that and that it showed that he's slowly heat proof that he should not have taken drastic action. oh and did he think that pounded the current system. though we are now bean meal in a position to pay more attention and people more resources to the families of underprivileged children to help them to become more competitive in the future yet the status is allah government that doing that enough. inside. i think that now but its duty to help a town that. but when i would say they don't have that knack that you see. if you want to help a kid named. who is sat behind the class the state. he had re examination in god she fails he is the way p though the average kid. but don't mind to say stop it now. he meets eight to ten. cool what the came up to the class is oh and that when the teacher net to find snow. with that state. he came to the city such catching on now. i sewed it to chill with the help in dili dose texas ice. which is given by day the class teaches is in fact a he he he can bear he actually became avid period it does address is the center but not the p
Nov 17, 2013 9:00am PST
father who is a caregiver to my son who has c.p. >> i thought let's try to get somebody out there that could help and then i thought of you guys because that's all i watch is channel 7 news. >> i put desiree's plea on my company facebook page and i said an abc7 viewer sent us this heartbreaking story asking for help. just a few days later i received an e-mail from the publicist for the doctor who william wants to perform the surgery. the e-mail said someone just saw your tweet and is interested in helping william with the cost of his procedure. i wanted to call william right away, but the doctor wanted to tell william himself so i kept the secret and went to the family home in san jose. we skyped in while the man called dr. brian. you can see the shock on their faces as they try to process the doctor's good news. >> an anonymous donor has stepped in and was very moved by hearing about you and they are actually going to take care of the procedure for you and you will be able to have the procedure. >> oh, my god, seriously? oh, my god! that is so awesome! >> thank you! >> than
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